Impact windows doors. “American Acp”


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In American Acp Impact windows  doors we can help you find the product that best suits your needs taking into account the relation quality-price-requirements in the city.

We work directly with the best factories of Southern Florida to get you the best price.


We do the necessary paperwork required by the city to install taking into account the requirements of architecture and engineering. That is why we have professional Contractors– Engineers – Architects.


This is where we specialize we have more than ten years of experience with different techniques and installation procedures. Here you are contacting the direct installer the one who will actually do the job.





01- How I can get an estimate of American Acp "Impact Windows and Doors"?

American Acp "Impact Windows and Doors" will meet you at your home, at your convenience. We will bring samples to examine your existing doors and windows, and educate you as to all options that are available to meet your needs. Once you are fully educated and determine which product you would like, we will provide you with a written estimate. For an appointment call 3056700404 or complete our online form and we will make arrangements at your convenience to schedule an appointment.

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Warrenty Informatyon

American Acp “Impact Windows and Doors” warrants to the original purchaser that its products will be free from defects in the materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product from the date of installation and only if the maintenance instructions are followed. This warranty applies to products under normal use in the conditions herein, and as determined by American Acp “Impact Windows and Doors” at their own discretion. This warranty


Comparison Of Impact Windows And Doors And Non-Impact Windows And Doors.

If your family lives near the ocean, you have had to consider impact windows (or window panels) and doors. Impact windows and doors are designed to protect your home and family during a hurricane. If you live in the state of Florida (for example) there are laws that require you to install storm panels in every house opening in the event of a hurricane. This law is designed to save lives. However, the installation and removal of these panels and the time restraints to get to the job can be difficult.

Many people choose to install impact windows and doors instead of traditional windows and doors with the additional panels. Comparing the two may help you decide what is best for your family.