Referal Program

Dear Customers of American Acp “Impact Windows and Doors”

You are of great value to us and we realized that the best way to advertise our products is through word of mouth! In fact, in American Acp “Impact Windows and Doors” approximately 50% of our work comes from referrals. We are committed to your satisfaction and to be the best in the industry. We appreciate you sharing your experience with your family, friends and neighbors.

With that in mind, we designed our referral program that rewards you for referring a customer with us. This program is simple … refer a new customer, and when they placed an order with American Acp “Impact Windows and Doors”, You will gain the following:

Level 1 (1st customer). $ 100.00
Level 2 (2nd customer). $130.00
Level 3 (3rd customer) $160.00
Level 4 (4th customer) $190.00
Level 5 (5th customer) $220.00

There is a minimum order of $ 3,000.00 required for rewards Levels 3, 4 and 5. After reaching level 5, all additional references will pay $ 300.00.

To qualify for this program, please complete the information below and send it to our office either by mail, fax, Internet or by phone. When we receive it we will contact the customers, and when they make a purchase we will send you the reward of reference.

Customer Reference format:

Thanks! Message sent.