Comparison Of Impact Windows And Doors And Non-Impact Windows And Doors.

If your family lives near the ocean, you have had to consider impact windows (or window panels) and doors. Impact windows and doors are designed to protect your home and family during a hurricane. If you live in the state of Florida (for example) there are laws that require you to install storm panels in every house opening in the event of a hurricane. This law is designed to save lives. However, the installation and removal of these panels and the time restraints to get to the job can be difficult.

Many people choose to install impact windows and doors instead of traditional windows and doors with the additional panels. Comparing the two may help you decide what is best for your family.

Impact windows

Impact windows and doors are beautiful and efficient. They help lower utility expenses. They offer light and beauty to the home as well as the highest quality traditional non-impact windows and doors. (There is no comparison to the use of storm shutters. Storm shutters take away from the cosmetic value of most properties.) In time savings, there is no question that impact windows and doors are the best option. Once they are installed you have 24 hour a day protection against hurricanes. There is never a time issue with getting to your property during an emergency situation to install the legally required panels. They are always in place and secure.

Impact windows and doors offer additional security against break-ins and crimes to your property. They also help reduce noise. And there is no need to have additional storage space in your home for your emergency panels. Impact windows

Impact Doors and Windows Pros: “impact windows”

– Beauty

– Time savings

– Hurricane safety 24/7

– Crime safety


– No storage required

However, the initial investment of impact doors and windows is higher than the installation of traditional windows and doors and the purchase of the emergency panels.

Impact Doors and Windows Cons:

-Higher initial investment

Traditional windows and doors Pros:

-Lower initial investment

-Cosmetically attractive with certain options

Traditional windows and doors Cons:

-time restricting

-no protection when not in place

-storage space often needed

-offers no crime safety

When you factor in the reduced utility costs, the price of the installation can be adjusted over time. However, when you factor in the savings of time, the security and safety of your property and family – the choice is easier. A professional can help you weigh your options to get the best value. Though the initial investment may be a bit more costly, it is well worth it in the event of a hurricane. This is especially needed if the hurricane prone property is a vacation home and is not lived in at all times.

All these factors must be considered and weighed. Only a professional can show you all the advantages and disadvantages to your particular property. Impact windows