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What's included in a Deep House Cleaning? 1 St House Cleaning Miami.

Deep Cleaning is a special service where the work is detailed to the best that can be taken into account that this service is established with more working time than the standard and the move in / out, is recommended for people who do not give a maintenance of continuous cleaning or people who demand a high standard of quality at work.

We always thank the client before starting the work so that if he has a specific suggestion, we always like to clarify it and be oriented to what the client wants the most.

What’s included in a Deep House Cleaning?

- Dust and deep clean all surfaces.

- Deep Vacuum, sweep, and mop all floors.

- Deep Clean upholstery (e.g. vacuum couch and under couch cushions).

- Deep Clean bathroom mirrors, sinks, counters, tub, shower, and toilets.

- Deep Clean kitchen sink, counters, stove top, and burner grates.

- Deep Clean inside and outside of microwave.

- Deep Clean outside of fridge, oven, and dishwasher.

- Deep Take out trash and recycling and replace the bags.

- Windows and Doors deep Cleaning In/Out

+ Inside Cabinets deep Cleaning

+ Blinds deep Cleaning

+ Inside the Oven deep Cleaning

+ Inside the Fridge deep Cleaning

+ Walls deep Cleaning

* Please note that flat rates are based on a cleaning service time for a two-person crew.

* Hours are listed in worker-hours, meaning that a four-hour appointment could either be two pro working for four hours or four pros working for two hours. The price estimate shown above is based on the number of total cleaning hours.

* 1 kitchen, 1 living room and 1 dining room Includes.

* If you have additional rooms / miscellanea. Areas or special work Without informing the estimate, its price will change when the cleaning staff verifies the work in person. We appreciate the good

communication, we like to produce quality and good relationship.

* If your project is too dirty or you want something special you can schedule a quote in person, it's free and without obligation.

* For extra deep cleaning after agreed work time. The extra hour is $ 40 /h based on a team of 2 people.

* Some reservations require final confirmation until we see the address of the work. We do not work all the places. If we have to pay parking or there is a special condition with consumption of extra time to enter your project report it in your estimate. You can write to 3059520935.

Deep House Cleaning

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